Meet the Herd

Creekside Ranch's horses are a variety of breeds, ages, and levels of difficulty. We have a perfect partner for each rider.

Tuxedo Tie




Tie is a 17-year-old Thoroughbred that stands 16.2 hands high. He is a very affectionate member of the herd, but comes with a rough past. He has a history of severe abuse and abandonment, making him a horse that needs a very calm, patient rider. He joined the Creekside Ranch family in December of 2012, and made his debut as a lesson pony in our 2013 summer camp! He absolutely adores children, and he loves his job. His favorite activities are jumping, running, and rolling in the mud. 






Go to Win Striker




Striker is our 34-year-old "bomb-proof" Appaloosa. He has a background of pulling buggeys competitively, and is now in his retirement stage. He is used in lessons and camps when we have young riders who are nervous to get on a horse for the first time. His favorite things are eating and laying out in the sun on warm days.






Penny Go Lucky



Penny is our 28-year-old Appaloosa who stands 15.1 hands high. She had a long history of western pleasure riding, but enjoys the english riding style much more since jumping is a passion of hers. Though her body is old, she truly thinks and acts like a four-year-old. We love her to death, and she has phenonemal ground manners, but she is a horse for experienced riders only. Penny's favorite things in the world are having her forehead scratched and eating apples!






Red My Mind




Sophie is a 13-year-old Thoroughbred that stands 16.1 hands high. She has a background of show jumping at a competition riding stable, and has called Creekside Ranch her home for almost two years. She loves kids, but she works best with children that are either older or have at least one year of riding experience. She loves to jump and run, but her favorite thing to do is eat!






Get Your Kix



Kix is a 5-year-old Straight Egyptian Arabian who stands around 15 hands high. He has the biggest heart and greatest work ethic of any horse we've ever met, and we absolutely adore him. He has been a member of the Creekside Ranch family since he was only 11 months old, so he has grown up and been trained the same place he works now. Kix truly loves his job and simply adores all the kids. His favorite things are peppermint treats, getting brushed, and being ridden.






Annabelle's Wish




Annie is our 2-year-old Straight Egyptian Arabian. She is a little firecracker, and we adore her. She cannot be ridden since she is so young, but she hangs out with our camp kids and lesson students every chance she gets. She has been in training since she got to Creekside Ranch around a year ago, and we hope she will be rideable within the next year. Annie's favorite things to do are lay in the sun and play with her big brother, Kix. 






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